Gluten free finger sandwiches? No way

After a refurbishment, the newly created Pantry at 108 Marylebone Lane – just minutes away from Marylebone Village at the back of the Marylebone Hotel – claims to serve the best afternoon tea in London. With the likes of Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Claridge’s, Fortnum and Mason and countless others to complete with, this is clearly a bold claim. Open since March, the Pantry is a charming, modern interpretation of a traditional English tea house, combining regal Edwardian-inspired furnishings with a contemporary menu worthy of a boutique central London hotel.

One such modernisation is the inclusion of a gluten free version of the classic afternoon tea fare – rather than reinventing the timeless tradition of taking tea, the celiac-friendly alternative cleverly simply uses gluten free ingredients to recreate impressive favourites of free finger sandwiches, scones and desserts.

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A slice of Americana and unique cocktails in Hoxton


The East End of London has always been a colourful and quirky part of the city, steeped in history and forming an integral part of London culture. Being a melting pot of cultures and religions, the diversity of the East End has led to the rise of many micro-cuisines which have since gone on to spread their influence across the London restaurant scene. A quick look at the trends which have sprung up in this bohemian part of London and you’ll soon spot a familiar list of some of the food movements of the last 20 years – from the popularity of age-old Jewish delis, the authentic curry houses of Brick Lane to the more recent influx of Vietnamese restaurants along the ‘Pho Mile’ and independent coffee shops of Shoreditch, there is an exciting buzz in East London that the rest of London keeps a close eye on.

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Boopshi’s Schnitzel & Spritz

My adventures for The Upcoming take me into W1 to explore the Austrian-influenced cuisine at Boopshi’s on Windmill Street.

No matter how old you are, us Brits love to bawl with laughter at a good old-fashioned sausage joke. As I’m sat in Boopshi’s on Windmill Street, I wonder if the Austrians have a similar affinity with wiener jokes, or do they think those are the wurst kind? The owners of the hip new Austrian-themed restaurant have created a simple menu, focusing on two simple elements – schnitzels and spritzers, which happen to be my second and third favourite Austrian things beginning with ‘sch’ (just after Schwarzenegger, of course).

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